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The organisers acknowledge the invaluable support of Rothiemurchus Estate, Glenmore Forest Park and Pityoulish Estate in helping us ensure that as well being competitive and enjoyable that the CAT is also environmentally sustainable.

Following CAT 08, the organising committee chose to support a very promising 17-year old, Chloe Robinson from Kingussie. She received a grant award of £700 and  made great progress.  See below for more information about Chloe, her achievements to date and her ambitions for the future.

Chloe writes:

"First of all I would like to thank you for all your help and support this year. The money was a great help and with it I have been able to get hold of most of the equipment I need. With the money I managed to purchase a: 
  • Gaastra GTX Race sail in a 9m
  • North sail mast (95% carbon)
  • Boom and adjustable outhaul

This will be put to great use in my training and will be a great help in my up and coming events.

As in all sports many changes can occur out of the blue and this year it happened to me. I had been expecting to change onto formula for the best part of last year but with some hard thought I decided that a move to formula was not in my best interests as it requires a lot of wind and many of the events we go to have little or no wind. This would result in me sitting on the beach for most of my competitions giving me no water time; so instead I thought that it would be a much more positive move to stay with the race board fleet and up grade my racing equipment to give me more of an advantage to the older, more experienced sailors. I also decided that this would be a great move as race boarding in the UK is starting to make a come back and hopefully there will be a few more faces on the windsurfing scene this year and the years to come.

Another big change for me this year has been my race schedule. At the start of this academic year I underestimated how much work 5 Highers would be and with my Higher exams clashing with the start of the windsurfing season I have had to miss quite a few of the events but I have been training as much as possible and with the hard work at school I managed to gain ABBBC. In the Easter holidays I spent Four days training at the Sport Scotland Centre in Cumbrae and then I spent a week in Fuerteventura training in Strong conditions (30- 40 mph winds) to build my strength, technique and confidence in faster conditions. Also while I was over there I went to watch the slalom and freestyle world cup which was amazing. I met one of my ‘idols’ in windsurfing, Iballa Moreno (who is also sponsored by Roxy) and talked to her about my future in windsurfing which was a real help and inspiration.

In between I have been training both on and off the water at Loch Morlich and Loch Insh, in the gym and whenever possible going for bike rides and surfing at Lossiemouth and Sandend. This is all to get in shape for my up coming events.

1. SWS, St. Mary’s - 5th +6th September
     2. NEWS, Derwent – 19th +20th September
     3. Super 8, Derwent – 24th +25th October
     4. Nationals, Weymouth Youth +Masters – 31st October, 1st November
Thank-you for choosing to support me it has allowed me to progress in my sport and become a better, stronger, more confident sailor."
Chloe Robinson from Kingussie
Chloe Robinson from Kingussie
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