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The organisers acknowledge the invaluable support of Rothiemurchus Estate, Glenmore Forest Park and Pityoulish Estate in helping us ensure that as well being competitive and enjoyable that the CAT is also environmentally sustainable.
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Entrants List
heat 1
Team Name Competitors
Jolynn Lynne Herd & Jo Barton
2 Old Dudes Neil Mitchell & Graeme Scott
Its a Belter Pete Cavani & Michael Murray
Mittens Mountaineers Alison Moss & Kimberley Stainfield
Up Jacobs Creek Without a Paddle Anne McKinnon & Lisa Campbell
Two Big Macs Brian MacDonald & Saunders MacKay
Queens of Sheba Kirstin Mitchell & Ruth Duncan
Berts Bar Crew 1 Alan Laing & Iwan Tukalo
Old Crocks Keith Inch & Jack Blackwood
Shrek and Donkey Jonathan Bell & Victoria Kinkaid
Team M&M Sean Munday & Russell McCabe
Whatever Ales You Colin Sands & Fergus Clark
Lava Trax James Mcleod & Callum Easton
Foo de Fah Fah Kevin Mcauley cavani & Nikki Murray
Welsh Wizards David Evans & Claire Evans
Designated Drinkers Julie Cree & Claire Scott
Were not Jam Eaters Andrew Stevens & Andrew Bell
Sherpas Stephen Herd & Joe Swankie
We can do it! Susanne Gaffney & Adam Bittern
BBC2 Iain Knowles & David MacDonald
Danish Blue Thomas Blue & Gwen Blue
Canoe Handle It? Leigh Galloway & Sarah Williams
Braveheart 2 Michael Hogg & Gordon White
Braveheart 1 Jamie Cumming & Matthew Christie
Huphing and Puphing Take 2 Lynn Humphries & Katie Humphries
Ambling over Waters Kirsty Waters & Jane Ambler
Ehhh? Ian Hutchison & Rebecca Magee
Multitasking Mums Emily Frame & Natalie White
Sluggan Fallers Graham Cree & Martin Black
Mums On THE Run Siobhan Evans & Elizabeth Watson
heat 2
Team Name Competitors
Couldnt Then  Can-Noo! Colin Duffus & Hazel Thomson
Fi and Es canoeing carryon Fiona Nicholson & Eilidh Menzies
i hope i stay on the bike this year Robert Stevenson & Gary Linton
The Third Step Colin Charnley & Jamie Struth
Spookys chimps Steven Lucas & Dale Gormley
Too old gits David Brett & Barbara Breyy
TEAM NEWKAY David McKay & Roddy Newbigging
Highland Pasties 111 Geraldine Sircus & Alison Brigg
Yuill Be Spooked How Like Chimps We Are Christine Yuill & Callum Yuill
THE BROWNLEES Colm Allen & Paul McQuilken
Old Guys Rule Steve McQueen & Simon Bilcock
Spooked Chimps Iain Hannah & Fiona Cassidy
The Wolves of Wishae David Sneddon & Bernie Collins
i hope i dont need goggles this year Alan McDonald & Stuart Brown
Meg and Jen Tri again Meg Spittal & Jennifer Dick
Trying Hard Scott Chalmers & Ryan Chalmers
Wright and Ryan are still tryin Wright Beveridge & Ryan Adams
Jamie and Helens Day of Fun Jamie Nicholson & Helen Duncan
Peter Hill Ski Club Stephanie Newstead & Helen Peters
The Two Ten Two Jeremy Armon & Kirsten Dreyer
Up the creek Jim Leishman & Simone Bett
Thunder Cats Emma Wackett & Shirley Massie
The Ninnies Nicola Innes & Neil Innes
Competitive Parents Dawn Beddard & Tom Beddard
On a wing and a prayer Jane Marshall & Shula Bayton
Disney make it! Mark Andrews & Mark Andrews
Venture Trust Lesley McKenzie & Gilbert Coyne
Venture Trust2 Shabir Iqbal & Janice Sheridan
Relaxed Transition Tim Askew & Steve Irvine
Turra Coos Jill McCombie & Sandy McCombie
heat 3
Team Name Competitors
Lauren and David David Fitzpatrick & Lauren Currie
Spookys Chimps Derek Soutar & Kevin Mitchell
Coos tail Brenda Paul & Manny Gorman
GSOH Mary James & Duncan McArthur
CATaclysm Matthew McVeigh & Neil Chalmers
Powered by Pies Tom May & Gordon Todd
Dumb and Dumber Alan MacGregor & Peter McGuffog
Horse and Cart Graeme Ferguson & Simon Reid
Golden Child plus Dad Finlay Binnie & Lindi Binnie
Twa Brave Laddies Mike Alcock & Josh Alcock
Huff n Puff Pete Clark & Kelly Fuller
Punctual Celests Gillian Brydie & Katie Mitchell
Crisis Crusaders Senga Armstrong & Julie Woods
Gonfurthevault Iain Rodger & Chris Boyd
The Unsailable Bikeness of Fleeing David Bowman & David Bowman
Rory and Brogan Rory McGettrick & Stephen Brogan
The Titans Duncan Sinclair & Peter Sinclair
Are we there yet? Hazel Khan & Sally Ross
Double Trouble Avril Watson & Claire Dunlop
TeamSpielo Pat Spielmann & Rosalind Spielmann
Haggis Hunters Gail Ritchie & Robert Ritchie
Team Walsh seniors Suzy Walsh & Alan Walsh
The up and overs Julie Foster & Martin Foster
whats the hurry Greg McAree & Michael McAree
Return of the Kree Derek McAree & Tony McAree
Cheetah Tamers Danie van Niekerk & Paul McAree
Sheeps Teeth Sean Magee & Gavin Howard
Chi Force Christopher McAree & Daniel Pugh
Ord Bàn Bashers Phil Haworth & Claire Jarvis
heat 4
Team Name Competitors
Inch by Inch Donald Inch & Fraser Inch
Burn The Cork Mark Tate & David Robson
Nethy Phat CAT Chris Godlington & Ross Watson
RnS Stuart Kelly & Rob Robinson
By an Insh Emma Sinclair & Nicol Sinclair
Poor Sools Dylan Sinclair & Gogsy Blair
Team Strachan Alan Strachan & Brian Strachan
clan mcneill Garry Mcneill & Hayley Mcneill
Team Graham Robert Jack & Caroline Jack
Twin peaks Nadia Ghanim & Tracey Higgins
Slowly but Surely Stephanie Moore & Andrew Stephen
Smurfettes Carol Jessop & Sarah Sly-Christie
Crazy Horses John McGarvey & David Craig
Father and Son Andrew Skinner & Robert ONeil
Anna and Rachael Anna Cumming & Rachael Duncan
Car - Murray Kevin Carr & Neil Robertson
Spooks Paul Corrigan & Murray Ferguson
Up the Creek Mark Ridgway & Max Stevens
Yoga Mums 1 Laura Brock & Pamela Clancy
Yoga Mums 2 Jeanie Mitchell & Fiona Mclean
Shankly warriors Scott Boyle & Stuart Milne
Bonnie and Wide Lisa Matheson & Ali Matheson
Skyes the limit Gillian Mcneill & Alastair Mcneill
Mc Deeks Stuart Deeks & Calum McIntyre
Tramadollies Phoebe Strachan & Ritchie McLean
Sprightly Footfalls Tana Reid & Patrick McCafferty
Once were Warriors Hamish Irvine & Mike Dixon
Crashers Derek Halley & Kyran McManus
The 2cs Dennis Chalmers & James Callander
Kowloon Caitlin McKiernan & Laura Martin


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