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The organisers acknowledge the invaluable support of Rothiemurchus Estate, Glenmore Forest Park and Pityoulish Estate in helping us ensure that as well being competitive and enjoyable that the CAT is also environmentally sustainable.
Tackling the trail
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Entrants List
heat 1
Team Name Competitors
Las Chicas Maria de la Torre & Karen Powell
DoubleS Scott McGregor & Stephen Gorton
Must Tri Harder Joanne Napier & Rachel Crichton
The Cat Burguls Raj Burgul & Alison Burgul
Pink ladies Graham Stewart & Aileen Stewart
donachie Margo Donachie & Fergus Donachie
2 big 0s Lucy Wilson & Charlie Mckie
Fighting Mongooses Alan Mckie & Colin Mckie
Brother & Sister David Brett & Valerie Purvis
Brother & Sister (in law) Barbara Brett & Martin Purvis
We're Not Jam Eaters Andrew Stevens & Andrew Bell
Team Keane Elizabeth Keane & Barry Keane
The Cruickies Gillian Cruickshank & David Cruickshank
The Big Ts Judith Thurlow & Karl Thurlow
Ice Cold Wild Swimmers Sarah Wiseman & Alice Goodridge
Relaxed Transitions Tim Askew & Steve Irvine
Catastrophic Canoers Lynn O'Donnell & Jenny Crichton
M&Ms Vanessa MacLean & Darren Morley
Silver Fox & the Bogan Carol Blakeley & Charlie Davies
low and slow Mark Andrews & Sarah Andrews
Christie Crackers Gordon Christie & Laura Christie
Martin Tornadoes Margaret Martin & Keith Martin
Die Tri-ing Gillian MacDonald & Lucy Whiting
Foux Du Fafa Nicola Murray & Kevin Mccauley
Team Statler and Waldorf Keith Inch & Jack Blackwood
Minpins William Wilson & Lynn Wilson
Cant Swim Wont Swim Jo Hadoke & Paddy Hadoke
Ingle-Low Alan MacGregor & Lorna Davis
Crazy Cousins Jennifer Sluman & Nicole Wilson
Hit the wall Kenneth Stobie & Paula Stobie
heat 2
Team Name Competitors
Team Barton Jo Barton & Stuart Barton
Turra Coos Jill McCombie & Anne Taylor
Scrambled Legs Wendy Gudmundsson & Jackie Butler
Smurfettes Carol Jesssop & Sarah Sly-Christie
The Avengers Lesley Mackenzie & Graham McElwee
Vella Vectures Matt Owen & Clara Vella
Better Ballast Neil Mitchell & Graeme Scott
Sluggan Fallers Graham Cree & Martin Black
Young Hansons Eleanor Hanson & Thomas Hanson
Team Hanson Bob Hanson & Viv Hanson
The Shuds Ewan Maclean & Seve Ryan
Brewster dukes Jane Brewster & Jane Brewster Alex Brewster
It's a miracle Pauline Morrison & Penny Hallidie
Chuckle brothers Paul Jarvis & Pete Wright
Happy Mundays Sean Munday & Alison Munday
The Creaking Clarks Fergus Clark & Diana Clark
Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders Siobhann Maitland & Matt Stringer
Its a Belter Michael Murray & Pete Cavani
Welsh Wizards David Evans & Claire Evans
M&M2 Russell McCabe & Jackie McCabe
Clangers Janis Ward & Suzanne Henderson
Fis carry on canoeing Fiona Nicholson & Fiona Greenhalgh
The Boovs Danny Boothman & Louise McParland
Team Sherpa Lynne Herd & Stephen Herd
2nd time lucky Susanne Gaffney & Adam Bittern
Up Jacobs Creek Without a Paddle Lisa Campbell & Anne Mckinnon
Clueless again Jill Sherriff & Belinda Steffan
Never stop triing C jane Miller & Lucy Robertson
Mittens Mountaineers Kimberley Stainfield & Graeme Majury
Mr Pott and Miss Kettle Rachael Steven & Mike Steven
heat 3
Team Name Competitors
Team Extreme 1 Laura Brock & Pamela Clancy
Team Extreme 2 Jeanie Mitchell & Jane Moyes
Finlay plus one Finlay Binnie & Calum Binnie
By an Insh Nicol Sinclair & TBA
Canoe Chaos Avril Watson & Claire Dunlop
Team Transition Hazel Khan & Sally Ross
Mac K & D Brian MacDonald & Saunders MacKay
Knapcass Fiona Cassidy & Steven Knapman
Spooky's Chimps Derek Soutar & Kevin Mitchell
Spooky's Chimps MMXVIII Dale Gormley & Steven Lucas
Spooked Chimps Iain Hannah & James Symonds
Costa Rica Baby Duncan Sinclair & Tommy Blue
The Beasts Dylan Sinclair & Sam Appleby
Team Sinclair Diggins Emma Sinclair & Nicola Diggins
On a Wing and a Prayer Jane Marshall & Bayton Shula
Competitive Parents Dawn Beddard & Tom Beddard
Rose and Thistle Sean Magee & Sarah Magee
Innes Together NICOLA Innes & Neil Innes
Chicken Legs and Donut Alan McDonald & Stuart Brown
First and Last Robert Stevenson & Gary Linton
Crazy horses John Mcgarvey & David Craig
WEENSLAND WOBBLERS Alastair Graham & Garry Mcneill
The Canoedelers Harriet Higby & Joshua Shimmin
Team MAD Wae It Chris Millar & Eilidh Menzies
Star Lord and Rocket Michael Mcaree & Greg McAree
3rd time Lucky Tony McAree & Derek McAree
Fast-not-last Chris McAree & Stephen Roarty
Slowly but Surely Stephanie Moore & Andrew Stephen
The Giffnock not so Young Team Alan Sluman & Barry Grant
Waitlist TBA & TBA
heat 4
Team Name Competitors
Team Puddle Jumpers Phoebe Strachan & Ritchie McLean
Team Strachan Alan Strachan & Brian Strachan
The Shankly Warriors Scott Boyle & Stuart Milne
Room For Improvement David Sneddon & Chris Boyd
Committed Scott Grosdanoff & Mark Councill
Spooks Murray Ferguson & Mark Armstrong
Queens of Sheba Kirstin Mitchell & Mirjam Allik
Meg and Jen Tri again Jennifer Dick & Meg Spittal
The 2CS Dennis Chalmers & James Callander
Spritely Footfalls Tana Reid & Patrick McCafferty
Bonnie and Wide Ali Matheson & Lisa Matheson
Handy Murray Kevin Carr & Neil Robertson-Murray
The Pobs Lorraine Bishop & Brendan Burton
7NRO Bernie Collins & Iain Rodger
Ord Ban Bashers Phil Haworth & Suzy Haworth
Not Fast Just Furious Billy Christie & Craig Jessop
Team NewKay Morag McKay & Nicola Newbigging
Trail Snails Roddy Newbigging & Simon Bilcock
CHEETAH TAMERS Danie van Niekerk & Paul McAree
Fifty Fifty Jeremy Armon & Mark Adams
Laggan Behind Tom May & Gordon Todd
Team Doid Gillian Brydie & Chris Brydie
Arnie & Co. Colin Charnley & Kevin Charnley
Trimendous Neil Chalmers & Matthew McVeigh
Inch by Inch Donald Inch & Fraser Inch
Heid the Baw

Simon Reid & Simon Reid

Waitlist TBA & TBA
Waitlist TBA & TBA
Waitlist TBA & TBA
Burn The Cork Mark Tate & David Robson


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